Showdown in Naptown Tournament Rules

Showdown in Naptown / National Basketball Circuit (NBC)

Tournament Rules

Age Divisions / Rosters

 Divisions for ages 35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70

(Based on age as of December 31st, 2023) 

A player must have legal State or Federal ID for proof of age. i.e. – Drivers License, State ID, Passport, etc.

A player can move down in age divisions, but not up. For example, a 55-year-old can play in 40 year-old division, but a 44-year-old cannot play in the 50-year-old division.

Players may play in more than one division.

A player may only be on one team per division.

Rosters are frozen at start of Team’s 1st game

A player found to be ineligible will result in the team forfeiting all games in which the player participated.

Tournament Administration has the right to combine divisions if not enough teams register for a division 

Game Administration

Bracket play will be on Friday and Saturday. Championship games will be played on Sunday.

All players must play in a least one game prior to the championship game on the team playing the game.

Teams might play more then one game per day.

Tie Breaker System

In case of teams with tied records, the following Tie Breaker System is used:


If teams in the bracket have the same record, the team that won in their head-to-head game will be the higher seed.


If teams in the bracket have the same record and did not play in head-to-head competition, the team with the higher average margin of victory will be the higher seed.


If neither factor above provides a solution, then seeding will be done with a simple coin flip, to be done by Tournament Administration. 

Aggressive Technical Fouls

Aggressive Technical Foul (ATF) fee is $25. This fee must be paid prior to the team’s next game or before the start the second half (if the ATF is given in the first half of the game). Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the game.

Any formal protest must be accompanied by a Protest Deposit (PD) of $100, to be paid prior to the protest being reviewed. After the PD is paid, the protest will be reviewed by a panel of three (3) Tournament Directors. If the protest is upheld, the full PD will be refunded. If it is not upheld, the PD will not be refunded.

Note: Judgment calls made by officials are NOT subject to review. (Save your money.)

Games Rules

All games will be governed by standard College Rules, with the following exceptions: 

6 fouls before fouling out 

20-minute half with a running clock if there is a 20 point spread in the score. 

5 minute half time 

Two (2) timeouts per half. 5 minute overtime, One additional time-out in each overtime

Three Point Contest

Time: Starting at Saturday 12:30 PM

Entry Fee: $10,First 30 Contestants will be allowed to participant. The contestant will select there shooting order at time of sign up. The prize pool win be split between the 1st and 2nd place finished. $225 1st place , $75 for 2nd place (prorated if less 30 participants
There will not be any divisions

High school boy’s 3pt line will be used.

Contestant must provide there own rebounder

Each player will shoot 5 shots from 3 spots on the court.

Each made basket is 1 pt, except the last shot from the spot is worth 2 points if made.

Each player will get 1 minute to complete their round.

Top two contestants will have shoot for top prize. If there a tie player will match 3pt shots until there is a winner.

Finals have same rules as the 1st round.

First round shot order will be a bid draw.

Final Round will be based on 1st round results. Top scorers choose.

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